ghost ep p.tah kinetical duzz down san
Once again asserting their dominant position in the support for subculture bass music, Viennese imprint Duzz Down San unveils its subsequent release – turning to Grime, Dubstep & experimental forays. At the leading edge of vocal-infused subculture bass music, two Austrian pioneers have teamed up with a consortium of high-grade producers – including the likes of Bristol’s OH91 as well as national treasures. Dealing heavyweight carnage in an unprecedented joint project, the veteran vocalists Kinetical & P.tah proudly present a definite showcase of their accumulated experience in lighting up dancefloors in and around the country. Breaking language barriers, bilingual vocal madness ensues.
(Signalfire, 2018)

  • Recording & Mixing: MIRAC
  • “What you gonna do” & “Night gone” produced by MIRAC
  • Lyrics: Kinetical & P.tah
  • Mastering: DJ Buzz, Buzzment Studios
  • Artwork & Typo: Busk
  • Coverfoto: Ryno
released November 20, 2018